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Gluten free hot dog rolls available for $1.50 each. Deluxe your dog with fries for $2.00
  The Soul Dog $4.50            All American $4.75
  beef dog, soul sauce, sloppy joe, chipotle cream   beef dog, chili, american cheese & sour cream
  The Picnic $4.50   The Sloppy Dog $4.50
  beef dog, mac-n-cheese, baked beans & BBQ sauce   deep fried beef dog, sloppy joe, american cheese
  Tex-Mex  $4.50   Corn Dog  $4.00
beef dog, black bean salsa & guacamole & chipolte cream
battered beef dog served on a stick
  The PK  $4.50    The NYC  $4.00
  deep fried beef dog topped with bacon, pickled onions, relish & ketchup    
  Show Dogs    
  Gluten free hot dog rolls available for $1.50 each. Deluxe your dog with fries for $2.00
  Thai Delight  $4.50   The Paleo  $5.25
  chicken dog, spicy peanut sauce, scallions, cucumbers, jalapeños, lettuce   deep fried chicken dog, guacamole, bacon served in a crisp lettuce "roll"
  The Herbivore  $4.50   The Hot Korean  $5.00
  tofu pup, quinoa chili & guacamole   chicken dog with cucumber Kimchi, Sambal mayo & scallions
  The Italian Sausage Dog $5.25    
  with sauteed peppers & onions, cheese, soul sauce    
  Sandwich Platters

Served with a side of fries. Gluten free rolls available $1.50 each

  Burger  $8.00   Soul Burger  $9.50
  lettuce & onion   cheese, pickled onions, soul sauce & lettuce
  BBQ Chicken  $8.50   Veggie Burger  $9.00
  topped with cole slaw   chickpea plantain patty topped with lettuce & and honey-mustard
  Turkey Sloppy Joe  $7.50   Grilled Cheese  $8.00
  Add bacon, guacamole, or chesse to any sandwich for $1.00 each
  Fish & Chips  $10.00   Fish Tacos  $10.00
  with tartar sauce   fried tilapia, cole slaw, chipolte cream, red onion, cilantro
  Nachos  $7.00   Chili Cheese Nachos  $8.00
  hand cut corn tortillas with cheese sauce, pickled jalapeños, black bean salsa, sour cream & soul sauce   turkey or quinoa chili
  Chicken Fingers & Fries  $7.95    
  served with honey-mustard or BBQ sauce    
  A La Carte Dogs    
All of our dogs & sausage are made with natural casings for that extra "snap".
Gluten free hot dog rolls available for $1.50 each. "Paleo" your dog with a red leaf
lettuce "roll" for $.50
  All beef dog  $3.00   Chicken Dog  $4.00
  Italian Sausage Dog  $4.00   Tofu Pup  $3.00
  Mix n Match Toppings    
  (Make your meal as unique as you are!)    
  $1 Toppings   $.75 Toppings
  sloppy joe, turkey or quinoa chili, guacamole, cucumber Kimchi, bacon, mac 'n' cheese   cheese sauce, American cheese, pickled onions, black bean salsa, cole slaw, peppers & onions, spicy peanut sauce (w/scallion & cucumber), caramelized onions, house-made baked beans
  $.50 Toppings   No Charge
  soul sauce, Sambal mayo, chipolte cream, scallions, raw red onion, pickled jalapeño, cucumbers, BBQ sauce, sauerkraut, classic onions in sauce, sour cream, fresh jalapeño, mayo   mustard, relish & ketchup
  Hand Cut Fries    
  Fries  $4.00   Disco Fries  $6.00
  seasonings (soul, salt or naked)   topped with roasted garlic veggie gravy & cheese sauce
  Chili Cheese Fries  $7.25    Cheesy Bacon Fries                                $6.95
  Cole Slaw  $1.50   House-Made Baked Beans  $2.50
  Quinoa Salad (changes seasonally)  $4.50   Hush Puppies  $4.00
  Corn Bread  $2.00   Mac & Cheese  $5.50
  Soup and Chili
  Served with tortilla chips        
  Creamy Tomato  $4.00   Soup Of The Day  $4.00
  Turkey Chili  $6.00   Quinoa Chili (vegan)  $6.00
      with Teff seeds & Amaranth
  Kids Menu
  On a gluten free roll, add $1.50
  Split Beef Dog  $3.00   Tofu Pup  $3.00
  Add hand cut fries for $2.00   Add hand cut fries for $2.00
  Chicken Tenders & Fries  $7.95   Mac 'n' Cheese  $6.50
  Mudslide Cookie  $1.50   Coconut Macaroon  $1.50
  Peanut Butter Cookie  $1.50   Frosted Cupcake  $2.50
  Cheesecake  $3.50